What's In A Thread - Thread Details ...

A Thread captures a lot of information.  Here we will look at what is in the "Thread Details" section.

The "Thread Details" is intended to gather information about the artefact itself or the environment it existed in.

Title This is a title that you give to the artefact, e.g. "John Smith's Diary", "Smith Family Picnic Day at the Slogan City Bridge Park".
Original Artefact Type What is the actual artefact the Thread is about? e.g. Diary, Document, Drawing, Manuscript, Medal, Painting, Photograph, or Trophy.
Reference# If you have your own catalogue or reference number for the artefact or image you can enter it here.  This is private information and is not visible to any other Member.
Further Details There are already many specific areas in a Thread to capture details. For example, location, categories, information about the people or objects in the image (names, dates, service records, relationships, etc.). So, if you have information that falls into the already set up fields it is best to use those for that detail.  However, if you have information such as type of camera, type of paper, time of day, weather, etc. then feel free to enter that detail into this field
Help Me Find? Do you want assistance researching this Thread? If you do, you may enter a brief description into this field describing the type of assistance you are seeking. For example ...
  • I believe this building has links to the Jones family of Panville. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • This is a photograph of the Jones family reunion in 1945. Can anyone confirm the names of any of the members?
  • Is the horse on the left the famous "Green Velvet" of the 1920's.
Remember, this is just a brief note to prompt other Members to assist you. Full conversation and feedback is done using the "Thread Discussion" features.  Just tick the "Ask for assistance?" check box and then type your request.
Private Notes
These are any notes that you wish to keep for yourself.  They are never visible to other Members.
Categories By selecting one or more categories you enhance the search capability of Finders Cafe (Advanced Search coming soon).
Rarity How rare is the actual artefact.  If it is a commemorative medal where there were thousands minted then perhaps the rarity would be "Common".  A photograph of a family group, even though it might be of a specific event, may just be "Uncommon" as there are most likely many other photos of the same family in similar groups.  A Victoria Cross medal would be "Extremely Rare"
Quality of Item What condition is the original artefact in.  A well kept stamp would most likely be "Very Good".  A torn and faded photograph should probably be set as "Poor" or "Very Poor".
Original Size What size is the original artefact? (not shown for Photographs)
Photograph Size Select the media and size of the original photograph.  (only shown for Photographs)
Photographer The name of the person who took the photograph, or perhaps the name of the studio it was taken in, or the name of the company who owned the studio, or perhaps all of these.
Date The date used here depends on what the artefact is.  For example for a Photograph it would be the date the picture was taken, a Medal would show the date it was awarded, a Diary is a bit more difficult but could be when it was started or finished.
You can tick the "circa" box to indicate a period or that you are not sure of an exact date.
Location Select from a list of Countries, States, Regions, and Cities.  The selection options are pre-filled depending on what the previous selection is.  Or if you want just ignore the selections and type in the values you prefer.
The Street No, Street Name, Other Address, and ZIP/Post Code are just manual entry fields.

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.