What is a Thread ...

A Thread is a whole lot more than just an image.  It is ...

  • An image, i.e. a digital representation of a physical artefact which can be a Diary, Document, Drawing, Manuscript, Medal, Painting, Photograph, or Trophy.
  • Some attributes of the artefact itself, e.g. size, quality, rarity, date it was taken/created/written/issued etc.
  • A collection of information about the subjects of the image, e.g.
    • who or what is in the photograph
    • who the medal was awarded to
    • who wrote the diary
  • Information about the relationships of other people to the subjects of the image, e.g.
    • family members
    • service colleagues
    • employment colleagues
  • Additional associated images, e.g.
    • a scan of the reverse side of a photograph
    • a scan of the reverse or edge of a medal
    • a scan of other pages of a diary

All this together creates a Thread through History!

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.