Activity Notifications ... 

With this feature you will be able to receive a regular email indicating activity on your Threads by other Finders Cafe Members, e.g.

  1. when they add a new comment or update an existing comment to one of your Threads
  2. when they include one of your Threads in one of their Albums (COMING SOON)

Notifications are turned on by default when you  create your account.  To turn them off you go to your 'Account -> Profile -> My Notifications' page.

Whenever someone adds a comment to one of your Threads, or updates one of their comments on your Threads, the system remembers that.  Then, once per day, it checks all the recorded activity on your Threads and sends you an email with a summary of what has occurred.  If there was no activity you will not receive an email.

The email will also have a link at the end that will enable you to easily "unsubscribe" from the activity notification.  Clicking this link is the same as going into your profile and turning the notifications off there.

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.