Finders Cafe and Facebook ...

When you have linked your Finders Cafe account to your Facebook account you are able to

  • Post Threads directly to your Facebook Timeline, and
  • Sign In to Finders Cafe with your Facebook account, making the login process just that little bit simpler.

Connecting to Facebook ...

  1. To start this, you will obviously first need a Finders Cafe account.  If you do not already have one, just follow the normal process from the Home screen by clicking the "Start Account Today" button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Once you have registered, activated your account, and Signed In with your normal Finders Cafe username and password, go to the "Account -> Profile" page from the menu at the top right of the screen.

  3. On this page, click the "Connect With Facebook" button.
  4. Facebook will now take over for a while and you will see some of their screens guiding you through the process to allow Finders Cafe access to your Timeline. What we need from you is permission to access ...
    • Your public profile (everyone on Facebook already can see this anyway)
    • Your email address that is registered with Facebook.  This assists us in both account security and in contacting you.  We will only ever use your Facebook email address to get in touch with you for account management activities.
    • Your Facebook Timeline.  Well that's what we are here for!
  5. Something to be aware of is that Facebook remembers who has logged in to Facebook on your computer.  So, if you have done that recently, even though you may have closed the internet browser that you used Facebook with, Facebook may use that login as the one to share Finders Cafe with.  What this means is that if you have multiple users on the computer, all using Facebook, or you have multiple Facebook accounts yourself, then make sure the Facebook account which you want to link to your Finders Cafe account is the last one logged in.  If there is no remembered Facebook account then you will be prompted at this point to enter your Facebook user name and password and log in.
  6. Once the connection process is complete you will be returned to your 'Account -> Profile' page and will see a confirmation message.

  7. Also, a message confirming your Facebook connection status is shown with your "My Social Network" information.

Signing In With Facebook ...

Now that you have successfully connected your Finders Cafe account to your Facebook account you will be able to Sign In to Finders Cafe with your Facebook account.  If you are already logged in to Facebook on the computer then it is as simple as clicking the "Sign In With Facebook" button on the "Sign In" window from the Home page.

This will take you directly to your Finders Cafe Dashboard.  Now, Facebook remembers you as logged in for a fair amount of time.  But, if for some reason it has logged you out or you have specifically logged yourself out of Facebook then Facebook may first prompt you to log back in before it redirects you to your Finders Cafe Dashboard.

Posting to your Facebook Timeline ...

Whenever you see the gallery view of a published Thread you will see the Facebook icon near the bottom right.  By clicking this you will be able to post that Thread to your Facebook Timeline.

Before the Thread goes off to your Facebook Timeline you can enter a message that you wish associated with the Thread.  Then just click the "Share On Facebook" button.

This is what you will then see on your Facebook Timeline ...

There you go, posted to Facebook.  Now, within Facebook you have all the usual controls over who can see your post.  This is up to you to configure within your own Facebook settings.  Finders Cafe has no control over that.

Disconnecting From Facebook ...

Why would you want to disconnect from your Facebook account?

  • You may no longer wish to post to your Facebook Timeline nor use the integrated Facebook login, or
  • You may wish to link your Finders Cafe account to a different Facebook account

Simply click the "Disconnect from Facebook" button and confirm the prompt.

We hope you have lots of fun with your connected Finders Cafe and Facebook accounts.

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.