Albums and Projects, what are they? ...

Albums and Projects let you collect your own and other Members' Threads into one place for easy cataloguing and viewing.  You can also share them with other Members for them to view or even contribute to.  Whereas a Thread has the facts and detail of an artefact, an Album or Project lets you add much more of the story behind the artefact or even the story about a series of related artefacts.

Albums are private to you and those you share them with.  Although the Threads contained within the Album may very will be published and therefore visible to the Global Social History Project community, the Album and the story you have added remains private.  A Project, on the other hand, is available for the public to see once it gets 9 Threads in it.  Similar to Albums, you can also specifically share a Project with other Members to view or contribute to.

All levels of Finders Cafe membership are able to create Albums.

Membership Number of Albums Threads Per Album Credits per Extra Album Credits per Extra Threads
Registered Member 3 unlimited 10 N/A
PRO Member 15 unlimited 10 N/A
Organisation 25 unlimited 20 N/A

Projects are available to PRO Members and Organisations.

Membership Number of Projects Threads Per Project Credits per Extra Project Credits per Extra Threads
PRO Member 5 20 10 10 credits per extra 20 Threads
Organisation 25 50 20 20 credits per extra 50 Threads

Startup Projects (coming soon) ... A Startup Project allows you to get your project quickly into the view of the public.  As soon as you have four or more published Threads in your Project it is considered a "Startup" Project and can be seen by the public on the Home screen and in "The Library".  It will remain as a Startup Project for up to 14 days.  Once this time frame expires a Startup Project will revert to being a closed Project, only visible to yourself and those Members you have specifically shared it with.  When any Project includes 9 or more published Threads it will become fully public, visible in the "Active Projects" list both on the Home page and in The Library.

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.