User Access Levels ... 

Members and guests can view different sets of the data associated with a Thread and also different resolution images of a Thread or see them with different watermarks,

This access can be categorized as follows:

  • Guests, i.e. users of the Finders Cafe website that have not registered or not logged in ...
    • Guest users can only access the Search page.
    • They can see a small thumbnail representation of the main uploaded image.  This has maximum dimensions of 50x50 pixels.
    • The only information they have access to is the summarized details shown as a search result.

  • Members, users who have registered but not yet upgraded to the PRO level ...
    • Members can access all pages on the site.
    • They are able to view all images on published Threads at a "Gallery" size, i.e. maximum dimensions of 200x200 pixels.  These images are watermarked and have a screen pattern overlay.
    • All information of a Thread is visible except for the Relationship data associated with Thread Subjects.

  • PRO Members ...
    • PRO Members can access all pages of the site.
    • They are able to view all images on published Threads at a "View" size, i.e. maximum dimensions of 500x500 pixels.  These images are watermarked but have NO screen pattern overlay.
    • All Thread information is visible, including the Relationship data.

Of course, owners of Threads can always see all their data as well as their images at the "View" size with no watermarks or overlays.

Unlocking Full Access To A Thread ... 

By using Credits, all Members, PRO or otherwise, are able to gain "Full Access" to a Thread.  This means that, for that Thread, they can ...

  • see all images at the "View" level with NO watermarks or overlay.
  • see all data, including the Relationship information.
  • download a copy of the original upload images for the Thread.

Once a Member unlocks Full Access to a Thread, they retain all the privileges of that access regardless of whether they are a PRO Member or not.

To actually unlock a Thread, you need to ...

  • Be logged in
  • Search and find the Thread you wish to unlock
  • View the Thread
  • In the "Unlock My Discovery" panel, click the "Unlock Now" button.

You need Finders Cafe Credits to Unlock a Thread.  If you do not have sufficient, you can purchase more from the "Unlock My Discovery" panel by clicking the "Purchase More Credits" button.  Or use the "Buy more credits" option in the "Credits" menu.  The number of Credits required is set by the Thread Owner.

What if the "Unlock My Discovery" panel does not show?

This will be the case when the Thread Owner has not made the Thread available for "Full Access".  Only those Threads that the Owners wish to be unlocked, can be.

Setting a Thread to Allow Full Access ... 

As the Owner of a Thread you have control over whether other Members can unlock full access to it or not.  To set or remove this access you will need to ...

  • Make sure the Thread is published
  • Edit the Thread
  • Open the "Access Options" panel
  • Tick the "Allow Full Access" check box
    • This check box will not be enabled if you have not yet linked your profile to a PayPal account.  You need to do this so that rewards you earn from other Members unlocking your Threads can be paid,
    • If you have not yet set up your PayPal details you can do so by following the instructions at Finders Cafe and PayPal.
    • COMING SOON - You will not need to have a linked PayPal account in order to enable other Members to unlock Full Access to your Threads.  Note, however, that you will not be able to earn any rewards if you choose not to link a PayPal account.
  • Enter the number of Credits you wish Full Access for this Thread to require
    • The minimum Credit value you can set is 40 Credits.  You may set any other value you wish above this minimum.
    • There is also a "Suggested Credit Value" displayed.  This is calculated by the system and depends on many factors including the amount of information associated with the Thread.
  • Save the changes

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.