What is a Thread Discussion?

  • A Thread discussion is a series of one or more topics relating to the Thread.
  • Each topic encapsulates a conversation about that Thread, including the initial topic subject and then replies from Members and the Thread owner.
  • For example,
    • A topic may be started by the Thread owner with a subject such as ...
      "I am unsure who the person is at the top left of the photograph.  He is possibly a relative of John Smith who is standing to the right of the photograph.  Is anyone able to provide additional information?"
    • Other Members may then reply to that topic such as ...
      "I have a similar photograph and I believe the person you are asking after is Albert Smith, an uncle of John Smith on the right."
    • A second topic about the same photograph may be ...
      "Does anyone know who owns the car in the photograph?  I can see some of the registration licence plate that appears to be Q 156 ?."

Why Would Anyone Want To Discuss a Thread?

  • Discussing a Thread allows a Thread owner (or any Member in fact) to ask the Finders Cafe community to assist with providing additional information or confirming details already associated with the Thread.
  • Members can then assist by taking part in the discussion and replying to the posted topics.

Who Can Discuss a Thread?

  • All Members are able to start and contribute to discussions on any published Thread.

How is a Discussion Started?

  • From the "View" or "Edit" Thread windows you can open the "Thread Discussion" panel by clicking it's title.
  • Then, click the "Show Discussion"  1  button.

  • This will retrieve and display all Topics for the Thread and enable you to post a new topic by clicking the "Post New Topic"  1  button.

  • The "Creating a NEW Topic" screen will show and you can type the subject of your new topic  1  and then click the "POST TOPIC" button  2  to save it.  Your new topic will then show at the top of the discussion.

How Does A Discussion Flow?

You can see in this image that the Thread owner has posted two topics.  Now, there are a few more actions you can take.

  • The new mail indicator  1  lets you know that another Member has replied to your topic and you have not yet read the reply (more on what you can do with this below). You will also see this if another Member posts a new topic which you have not yet read.
  • The expand/collapse indicator  2  lets you click the icon to expand the full conversation for this topic.
  • You are also able to edit the text of your own comment by clicking the "Edit" button  3  or even reply to your own topic by clicking the "Reply" button  4 .

When the discussion for the topic is expanded ( 1 ) you can see that another Member has supplied some useful information to which you want to reply (click at  2 ) and says thanks.

Type your reply ( 1 ) and click the "POST REPLY" button ( 2 ).

Note that the system still does not actually know that you have read the reply from HistoryCollector so you must tell it.  Simply click the new mail indicator ( 1 ) and its done.

The new mail indicator has been removed.

Reporting Inappropriate Comments

You may have noticed the red "report" icon ( 1 ) in some of the above images.  If for some reason you believe that the post contains offensive or otherwise inappropriate language you can click the report icon and then follow the process to let us know.  We will then review the post and take appropriate action.

Please note: all discussion can be seen by all Members. For your own privacy please do not include any identifying text such as email address, phone number, or your name etc.

Regards and Happy Searching,

The Finders Cafe Team.