To assist you understand the Website, we share the following information.

What is the cost to become a Member of Finders Cafe and use all its features ?

Finders Cafe can be used for Free, including the highest level of Membership, which is known as a Free Pro Member.  All you have to do is regularly upload and validate new images.  However, if you do not wish to upload images, then you can pay as you go, at a minimal cost each month.  Go to Membership Subscription Options.

Who owns the copyright of information Threads, Images and Comments that are uploaded onto the Website by Members ?

Finders Cafe will not take ownership of any copyright owned by its Members.  However, a Member has the option to assign ownership to Finders Cafe if they wish or to another nominated beneficiary of their choice.  This simple process is outlined in the User Agreement User Agreement.

What happens to the information Threads, Images and Content in my Account and any future income generated from sales of my images, after I am gone ?

Yes, we have been asked this question and it is one we take seriously.  At anytime you wish, you may nominate another Finders Cafe Member to be the benefactor of your account.  That includes copyright of the material and any future income from sales.  This benefactor must be a Member, who may be a relative, life partner, friend, business partner or any other person you wish. To nominate a third party benefactor, go to the User Agreement.

What is Finders Cafe’s approach to data preservation, if the Website ceased to operate ?

The Finders Cafe goal and conviction is to Preserve, Validate and allow others to Discover their history long into the future.  For this reason, if the Website could no longer maintain and make available the stored User Provided Content to its Members, Finders Cafe would identify an organisation with a similar goal and conviction to the preservation of history, or a world’s best practice research library, to maintain and continue development of the resource into the future. Go to Data Preservation

Who would be interested in buying a Photo of my Grandfather, when I am the only child born in our line ?

Well, you just don’t know. There are people all over the world researching to find their family history and the branches that grew from a common ancestor.  Maybe, unknown to you, your Grandfather had a Sister, who had a child in some far away land, who also had a child.  So then, somewhere in the world, you would have a first cousin.  But not surprising, they may also be researching their Grandmother’s family and you happen to hold the link, a photo of their Great Uncle “John Smith” with family relationship attributes which match yours.  The social history attributes of the Artefact, form the framework which link our family histories and their stories.  So I would say lots of people could be interested in buying the photo of your Grandfather.

I am 55 and looking for a photo of my Great Great Grandmother. She had ten children, but I cannot find one living relative who has a photo of her. How can Finders Cafe help ?

Photos are records of our social history and are taken on many types of occasions. Therefore, relationships other than family can assist discover a photo of your GG Grandmother.  When Members Upload an information Thread with a photo image, they will list family and other associated people and places which will assist identify the subject person in the photo.  Therefore, as a Pro Member or Free Pro Member, when you search, use a name of any distant relation of your GG Grandmother or any know social acquaintance.  That person could be the link to finding the photo of your GG Grandmother.  The more photos uploaded into the Finders Cafe Website, the greater the probability you will find information and image Threads related to you.

How much information do I need to list in the “Relationship to the Subject” field when I am Uploading Information Threads and Images ?

The more correct information you upload, the higher the validation rating will be for that image.  This means the information Thread and Image will be easier to find by many more Members.  Some of these Members may go on to leave you with additional information Comments or further purchase the image.  The more relevant information Thread you list the higher the validation rating will be.  This will increase the potential for further Image Sales and at a greater price.  More sales will in turn increase your Member Rating, as it shows that other Members have confidence in your ability to accurately catalogue your Artefacts. Members will buy more and pay more for images with a higher Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM rating.

Would Finders Cafe be a better website to join, for family research ?

All family history sites play their own valuable roll.  We believe Finders Cafe is an excellent Website to Preserve, Validate, Discover and Share your valuable social history artefacts and their associated information Threads, Comments and Stories.  Finders Cafe is unique in that it can deliver precise results as a history research tool and it can also be used FREE. So please come onboard and enjoy the benefits.

How do I work out a fair price to list a photo ?

To assist you determine your Image Sale Price, Finders Cafe has a Suggested Sale Price which is derived from an internal automated pricing methodology Powered by Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM.  It is also the free choice of the selling Member to change their listed Image Sale Price, up or down, at anytime, as they see fit.  The final determination of what a Member might consider to be a fair market price is the responsibility of the Member selling the Image and the Member purchasing the Image.  Go to Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM User Agreement.


Am I allowed to use any of the User Provided Content for marketing, business or commercial uses?

The answer is No. You may use the content as described in the User Agreement and its Limited Use Licence.  However, you can contact us, as we may have an alternative limited use license that will suit both you and the Member who owns the copyright. Simply go to our Contact Us and request an Application.